Personal Training Session

Getting started with a personal training session can be intimidating if you have never done so in the past.  Don't let it become this big huge thing in your mind, it's easy with me!  Again, we'll start by discussing your goals right in the comfort of your own home and i'll help put together a healthy eating plan (not a diet) for you to follow so that you can actually stick to it.  We will be realistic.  No one wants a bland boring diet to live on for the rest of your life, and I'm pretty good about mapping out your goals with an exercise routine and diet that will work for you.  Something you will stick with.  After this initial meeting we will do our 1 hour training session where I'll give you an overview of all the training exercises and allow you to get a feel for what a full week routine will look like.  If you decide to work with me on a regular basis, great, if not that's fine too you will be on your way to health, happiness and fitness!

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