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With over a 15 years of experience, helping other people to grow and succeed in their fitness journey .

About Janey Rykowski

About  Janey Rykowski
Janey always had the talent for fitness. When she was a little girl, her spirit was relentless. She was hyperactive, and many believed that she would conquer the world with all of the energy she had.  Janey remembers struggling through high school unsure of herself due to her body image and physical appearance.  She was overweight and self conscious about her appearance, specifically her nose.  She decided to do 2 things, whip herself into shape and get plastic surgery to improve her total image of herself.  She learned all about physical fitness, healthy eating habits and got a rhinoplasty in San Jose, yes right here.  Which is why she put roots down and wants to share her energy, passion and knowledge with this wonderful area.

Today, she is a well known fitness instructor who gives advice and helps people to lose weight and to stay in shape. We all know how hard it is to stay in shape. We are surrounded by stress, unhealthy food and desk jobs that make us fat. To live a healthy life, Janey tells us to find some spare time for our little exercise and get all the toxins and unhealthy things out of our system. That includes stress. Modern living is full of situations that make our life harder. Janey’s advice is just to ignore negativities as much as you can and focus on positive things.

The truth is, with good training and with a good diet, you can keep your body shaped and healthy. Your body will be healthy, and your mind will also be in a state of perfection. Janey is also known for her philosophy which can help a lot. She is known for her kind nature and patience and she is one of the best trainers out there, and as you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should choose her. Her advice and training tips will give you the needed result. Unlike other trainers, she will make sure that you succeed and shape your body.

Beginners Guidelines

Food And Training

If you want to train or go doing fitness lessons, your trainer will tell you that you need to go on a diet that is designed for professional athletes or professional bodybuilders. Whatever choice you make, you will need to know that this kind of diet is made with increased calories intake because you will need that extra energy when you are doing your exercises. Some of you will start fitness lessons to lose weight. Others will choose fitness or run to get those firm muscles that professionals have. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what the reason is; it only matters that you are going to be much healthier and full of energy. You will need a lot of carbs in your diet if you are going for this. A lot of proteins and a lot of fibers is also a must. Mixed and healthy diet will provide all these nutrients.

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Workout Tips And Tricks

If you are going to start with some fitness lessons or bodybuilding, you better know some tips before you start. Some people think that the only thing they need to do is to go to the gym and start working out or doing fitness. That isn’t the case because you will need more than that to get the desired results. First of all, you will need to buy yourself and equipment that is necessary for the sport you are going to train. After that, you will need to get yourself a trainer. If you have watched some tutorials online your think that you know everything you need to know, you can try doing it by yourself. Everything is up to you. We recommend that you hire a personal trainer that will help you to lose weight or to build those muscles you have always wanted. Options are endless.

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Some General Advice

If you are starting with fitness and gym, you will need to make sure that you are prepared for the possible complications and that you are aware of some things. For instance, make sure that you have enough rest between training because your muscles need time to regenerate. If you don’t give them enough time, they will start to get smaller. That is not the effect you want. Or for example, if you are doing fitness, make sure that you don’t overpressure yourself. You could easily get an injury. Some people got injuries for life, and they couldn’t even walk straight. So I think you will need to watch some tutorials or read our tips if you want to be safe and not to sustain an injury. People are confident, and that is a good thing. The problem is when they don’t listen to their coaches and want to push themselves to the limit.

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What Other Fitness Trainers Says About My Work

Ann Wolznacki, personal trainer at Gold Gym.

"As a personal trainer, Janey is widely known in San Jose and much wider. Her tips for good training and exercises that burn calories are known probably across the world. She is devoted to help people and to give tips on how to get a perfect body."


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Personal Training Session

A one-on-one 1 hour personal training session. Prior to the training session I will meet with you at your home to discuss your needs, goals and we will review your diet and together put together a comprehensive training program for you. The one hour session is the start of your comprehensive plan that is yours to keep whether we do one training session only or we go on to work together on a regular basis.

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Diet Planning

I'll consult with you about your diet and work out an eating plan (I hate having to use the word diet) that works for you.

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Fitness Clothes Shopping

I'll go fitness clothes shopping with you! Crazy as it sounds if you are not comfortable and wearing the proper workout attire you will not want to do it. I help you with this.

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