Food And Training

Food And Training

If you want to train or go doing fitness lessons, your trainer will tell you that you need to go on a diet that is designed for professional athletes or professional bodybuilders. Whatever choice you make, you will need to know that this kind of diet is made with increased calories intake because you will need that extra energy when you are doing your exercises. Some of you will start fitness lessons to lose weight. Others will choose fitness or run to get those firm muscles that professionals have. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what the reason is; it only matters that you are going to be much healthier and full of energy. You will need a lot of carbs in your diet if you are going for this. 

A lot of proteins and a lot of fibers is also a must. Mixed and healthy diet will provide all these nutrients.

Which food?

Well for starters, you will need to eat healthy carbs. Forget about candy, chocolates and stuff like that. You can only take a small amount of the right after training to boost you energy for a brief period. But it is recommended to eat those healthy carbs that you can find in grains, fruit and other vegetables that are full of them like corn, potatoes, rice, etc. 

You can also take healthy proteins. You can find them in all meat and seafood. You can also find them in plants. Eggs and dairy products are also full of protein and carbs. Choosing the natural source of all these nutrients is important. Don’t by the industrial stuff like artificial proteins or something like that. You will also need a lot of healthy fat. Animal fat was considered to be bad for you, but that is not the case anymore.

What else?

Well, there were some major discoveries in the field of food. Saturated fat is not dangerous at all. You can eat as much saturated fat as you want. The dangerous part is the ratio of saturated fat and cholesterol in your body, to be precise the LDL and the total cholesterol. There are a lot of researches that prove that. So if you want to be healthy, you can eat everything that is natural. Avoid industrial food because it is full of sugar and unhealthy emulators that are bad for your health. A balanced diet is the best option.

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